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Clean Energy & Fuels from Coal
Our emissionfree energy system is the ideal process for clean emissionfree and climate-friendly power generation based on coal, brown coal, oil sands and other fossil fules. Since our emissionfree process is not sensitive to variations in feedstock quality even sources of low grade coal and oil sands can be used for clean emissionfreee power generation.

Our emissionfree system can process almost any type of coal, including low quality and contaminated brown coal and oil sands, and produce clean emissionfree electric power, synthetic fuels and district heating.

Our emissionfree process better utilises the energy contained in coal, by converting emissions into additional energy, which reduces the amount of coal required per MW produced and increases the plant's efficiency by at least a factor 1.5. This means a lower carbon footprint and reduced clima effects for the same amount of energy produced!

Our emissionfree process Can store about 40-50% of the energy produced and releave this energy at a later time. Store produced energy and use it during a later high-demand period eg from summer to winter or from weekends to workdays. This allows for installing smaller plants to cover the same total energy demand, which will reduce the carbon footprint, the investment and operating costs. And the revenue stream can be optimized by producing electricity and energy on demand.