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Clean Energy & Fuels for Farming
Clean organic and sustainable farming is essential for conservation of nature and climate. Our emissionfree energy system generated clean emissionfree renewable energy and fuels from all farming biomass. This means that farming will no longer be dependent on external energy soiurches and imported fuels for effective production. Now renewable energy and fuels can be produced by farmers and or their municipality themselves on a regional basis, which opens up for a new era of clean, sustainble and productive farming.

Below schematic flowchart shows how a region or municipality with sufficient farm land or forrests can produce renewable emission and fossil free energy from their own local feedstock sources. This allows a municipality to closer to autarky, being self-supporting, ba producing your own clean emissionfree renewable energy from biomass.

Our emissionfree energy system is the 21st century technology for sustainable agriculture farming and forrestry with regional production of synthetic renewable climate-neutral fuels based on biomass. Clean, green and sustainable.