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Clean Energy & Fuels for Industries
Pulp and paper mills typically require large amount of process steam and electrical energy, and they typically produce large quantities of organic waste from wood and pulp processing.

By installing an emissionfree energy system adjacent to such a pulp and paper mill they can use all organic waste products, including chemically contaminated waste for generating clean emissionfree energy and substancially reduce their carbon footprint. It is even possible to add local sources of biomass and waste to their own organic waste and thereby co-generate energy with nearby municipalities such as electricity or district heating.

Sludge, black or white liquer, bio solid etc can all be process simultanueously by our emissionfree energy system, which will in fact transfor a modern pulp and paper mill into a clean environemental-friendly and low carbon footprint operation.

21th century emisssionfree and reneable energy for pulp and paper mills, saving cost and our environement.