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Clean Energy & Fuels for Municipalities
Our emissionfree energy system is the ideal plant for environmental-friendly processing of almost any biomass, including bark, bio solids, manure, straw, wood and other agricultural waste. When processing biomass energy and syntetic fuels produced becomes carbon and climate neutral.
By combining several biomass feedstock with e.g. municipal waste and other local feedstock, even small remote areas now have the possibility to produce their own power, energy and synthetic fuels. And this by an emissionfree process with no harm to our environment. In addition they become less dependent on external or imported energy and fuels.
Our emissionfree energy system is the 21th century way to process biomass in remote and rural areas with reliable and emissionfree plants.
Clean Emissionfree Energy from Landfills
Reclaim the waste piled in landfills and use it to produce clean emissionfree energy AND remove the landfill with all its environmental harm. Our emissionfree process can be fed with reclaimed landfill waste. After extration, sorting and recycling of metals and inerts landfill waste can be mixed with biomass, new waste, tires and plastics and becomes a useful source of clean energy.
The low heat value of degraded landfill waste is compensated for by mixing it with biomass, used tires or other higher heat value feedstock to enable stable process conditions. Contamination including heavy metals are fully recycled by our emissionfree plants.
Clean Emissionfree Energy from Tires and Plastics
Used tires and plastic waste is an excellent feedstock for our emissionfree process. Their high energy content makes it possible to mix such feedstock with low quality waste from eg landfills or bio solids.
Since tires were originally produced from petroleum, Using the used tires as feedstock for emissionfree energy does in fact mean a reduced carbon footprint and climate improvements.
Clean Emissionfree Energy from Hazardous Waste
Hazardous waste like chemicals, medical or slaugther waste, is usually not considered as a source for clean emissionfree energy, but with our emissionfree energy system even hazardous waste is completely decomposed and converted into clean emissionfree energy.
Hazardous waste often consists of complex organic compounds or solubles. These are typically toxic with a high energy content. In our emissionfree process these substances are completely destroyed and converted to clean emissionfree energy and synthetic fuels. Contamination such as toxic elemnet and heavy metals are recovered and recycled as a resource to the chemical industry.