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Clean Energy & Fuels from Oil Sands
Oil sands are one of the largest sources of fossil fuels on earth and at the same time one of the most difficult to mine and process. Conventional oil sands mining and processing often result in a wast amount of hazardous tailings, which poses a great threat to our environement.

With BNL Clean Energy Plants there is an entirely new and environemnatl-friendly way of using the oil sands resources. The process gasifies the bitumen of the oil sands and directly converts it to synthetic fuels such as diesel, without any tailings. The sand itself is redistributed to the mine, covered with scalpings (soil) and recultivated, without any emissions or tailings. Contaminations in the oil sands are separated and reclaimed as an additional natural resource, sold to chemical indutry.

The ash and inerts, which result from BNL Clean Energy's emissionfree energy system, can be redeposited in the oil sand pit to prepare for recultivation.

By utilizing our clean energy plants oil sand become a valuable and clean energy source with a very lowcarbon footprint.