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Clean Emissionfree Energy & Fuels Applications
Our clean energy plants can be used for producing emissionfree renewable energy and fuels for many commercial, industrial and public demands, thereby reducing or removing carbon footprints, removing air pollution sources and climate-damaging emissions, creating local sustainable jobs in the renewable clean energy sector, processing hazardous, industrial and municipal waste without any environmental harm and recovering contaminations (urban mining), removing large polution sources etc.

Below we present some typical applications of our clean energy plants producing emissionfree renewable energy and fuels:

  • Biomass is a great local feedstock for producing clean emissionfree and renewable energy and fuels for sustainable development of municipalities, which also creates many new sustainable jobs in your municipality.

  • Coal is used to produce a major part of world's electrical power, thereby emitting enourmous amounts of polluting emissions into the air and soil. Replacing these conventional coal power stations by our clean energy plants will remove all such emissions and produce clean coal energy!

  • Clean emissionfree electric power from oil sands such oil sands, shelf gas etc. is essential, since more than 80% of of worlds electric power is generated by fossil fuels. With our emissionfree energy system bitumen, coal, lignite, oil sands and other fossil fuels become an environmental-friendly feedstock for power generation, without any air pollution, without CO2-emissions and far better utilisation of the feedstock energy content than with conventional technology.

  • Waste to Energy is a know concept, but with our emissionfree energy system almost any kind of waste can be processed with no emissions at all and better energy utilisation. A revolution in state-of-art waste to energy solutions.

  • Farming is one of the larger consumers of petroleum fuels. About 65% of farming energy consumtion is in the form of diesel for machinery. An additional 15% is consumed for the production of fertilisers. By using the agricultural and forrestal waste products as a biomass feedstock for our emissionfree energy system the farmer can produce his own renewable fuel and fertilizer and become completly independent from external energy sources and the costs related to such.

  • Industries such as pulp and paper mills are large energy consumers and produce large quantities of organic waste from wood, pupl and paper processing. Using this waste in an emissionfree energy system will make the entire pupl and paper mill run on renewable energy, without air pollution and environmental harm.

  • Municipalities have numerous suitable feedstock such as bio solids, biomass, household waste, plastics, packaging, sludge etc. All combined they become and excellent feedstock for our emissionfree energy system.

  • Refineries process petroleum products and typically have large energy-rich emissions. Our emissionfree energy system can absorb such emissions and convert them into additional synthetic fuels and emissionfree energy, making the entire refinery emissionfree. A revolution in state-of-art refinery operation.

  • Clean Water eg. by seawater desalination is critical for providing coastal regions with fresh and clean tap water. Our emissionfree energy system can use any feedstock such as waste, biomass, bio solids locally available for producing emissionfree electricity, synthetic fuels AND clean fresh tap water for the municipallity. Solving three environemetal problems with one single plant!