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Comparision - Emissionfree vs Conventional
Below table compares an emissionfree energy systen from BNL Clean Energy with a conventional energy or power plant such as a coal power station, biomass gasifier or waste incinerator.
Emissionfree Conventional
Type of Process emissionfree closed-loop thermo-chemical system pass-throught open thermal system with emissions
Emissions no yes
(CO2, NOx, SOx etc)
Effects on Climate no yes
(through flue gas and emissions)
Gas Scrubber no yes
Air Pollution no fluegas emissions
CO2 Emissions no yes
Emission of Dioxins no yes
Emission of SOx (Sulphic Oxides) no yes
Investment Costs 60% 100%
Operational Costs 60% 100%
Plant foot print 50% 100%
Energy utilization W(in)/W(out) > 70% < 40%
Efficiency W(e)/W(t) > 65% < 40%
Residues ash, recycled products ash, heavy metals
Efficiency loss due to emissions no ca 40%
Production of synthetic fuels such as diesel? yes no
System can store energy? yes no
Can produce process steam? yes yes
Energy for central heating? yes yes
Energy for central cooling? yes yes
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