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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Below are some frequently asked questions about our emissionfree energy system with an answer.
How does the emissionfree energy system (and process) work?
The emissionfree energy system is a closed-loop pressurised system.

In the first stage the feedstock is thermally decomposed by heating (pyrolysis), followed by a gasification of solids with oxygen. The pyrolysis gas is mixed with the gasification gas and steam forming an energy- and hydrogen-rich synthetis gas (syngas) without CO2. The syngas is converted to liquid and/or gaseous hydrocarbons in a catalytic reactor, typically a Fischer-Tropsch reactor.

The resulting products are hydrocarbons typically gasoline, diesel or kerosene depending on customer requirements. Since the entire process is closed and pressurised it produces no emissions at all (zero emissions).

Why does an emissionfree energy plant have a smaller footprint than a comparable conventional power plant?
The emissionfree energy system has no fluegas treatment, no filters, no precipitators, no scrubbers, no stack etc, which of reduces size and investment costs compared to a conventional power station.
Why does the emissionfree energy system have a higher degree of energy utilisation any other conventional thermal energy system system such as a coal power plant?
The main reason for the increase in energy utilisation is that the emissions, and thereby the energy contained in emissions, are converted into synthetic fuels in stead of dischargesd through a stack. The emissions from a conventional coal power station typically counts for 35-40% of the energy input.
How do emissions disapper?
How are emissions removed?
By conditioning the syngas from the gasifier and pyrolysis to enhance conversion to synthetic hydrocarbons, whereby a minor amount of syngas which is not converted is returned to the gasification stage.
What sort of emissions does the emissionfree process have?
None. The emissionfree process is a closed system and does not have any emissions at all.
What sort of products and residues does the emissionfree process produce?
The emissionfree process produces synthetic hydrocarbons, an inert ash and chemical residues, which are recycled to the chemical industry. The emissionfree energy system does not produce any harmful tailings or residues, which can not be recycled to the chemical industry. (urban mining)
Who has developed the emissionfree process?
The emissionfri process has been developed and patented by a Swiss engineer. The emissionfree process and the plants based on this technology are developed and produced by the BNL Industries Group with sales and support through BNL Clean Energy Group.