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Clean Energy for a Better Climate
BNL Clean Energy Group provides emissionfree energy systems and plants for producing clean emissionfree energy from biomass, coal and waste and mixtures thereofhas developed and patented a new emissionfree process for producing energy, power and synthetic fuels from most substances containing carbon such as biomass, coal, oil sand, plastics, sludge, rice straw, waste, wood chips etc.

Plants are available in a standardize modularized range with capacities ranging from 1 to 2000 MW for power generation, energy utilities, waste processing and industrial applications.

Note: Emissionfree is typically written as a combination of words, emission-free, but that was before such systems existed. Now we have developed such a system, therefore we have defined the new word emissionfree.

Apart from being emissionfree, our plants have the following advantage:

  • Our plants operate without external power or water supply, which makes them very suitable for remote areas
  • Our plants operate independent of the ambient, which makes them very suitable for high altitude operations
  • Our plants can easily be assembled on any load-carrying platform, with 12-18 month delivery time

BNL Clean Energy is a Swiss group specializing in the development, engineering, manufacturing, installation and operation for such emissionfree energy, power and transport systems worldwide.

History describes the development of our emissionfree technology based on the last 150 years of development in the power generation and waste processing industry.

Comparision presents a comparision between our modern emissionfree energy system, a conventional coal power station and a conventional waste to energy plant. See the many advantages which you can obtain by a coversion or newbuild.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) presents answers to frequent questions regarding our technology, its applications and advantages.