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Emissionfree Energy System
This part describes the entire emissionfree energs system, from feedstock receival to output distribution. The technology part of this website describes the processing of the emissionfree energy system only.
Feedstock is what is used to fuel the emissionfree energy system. Any material containing sufficient carbon is suitable for emissionfree processingsuch as biomass, bio solids and waste.
In most cases our emissionfree energy system required the feedstock to be pre-processed before storgae and feed into the core process. The main requirments are: max side length 0,10 m (4 inches), max humidity about 30% of gross weight, min heat approximately 8 MJ/kg (xxx btu/lbs). Pre-processing does generally consist of a shredder, a trommel screen and if required a dryer.
Since our emissionfree process does not produce any flue gas, no complex and expensive flue gas treatment and scrubber are required, which will significantly reduces investment and operational costs compared to conventional technologies.