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Emissionfree Energy System - Technology
BNL Clean Energy Group has developed and patented a new emissionfree energy systems including processes and technology for producing clean emissionfree energy, electric power and transport systems. Our emissionfree energy system uses wellknown thermo-chemical processes suitable for feedstock containing sufficient carbon such as biomass, coal, waste etc. wood etc.

Our emissionfree process does not have any emissions, no CO2-emissions, no air pollution and causes no other harm to the environment. The process produces only valueable energy and products such as electric energy, heat or cold, synthetic fuels such as diesel and jetfuel, chemical residues which are supplied to the chemical industry and an inert non-toxic ash which is used as a filler in eg. asphalt or tarmac.

Our emissionfree process can also handle contaminated and mixed feedstock such as municipal waste (MSW), industrial waste, plastics, rubber such as used tires, sludge, oil and tar sands without any emissions, pollution or environmental harm.

Since our emissionfree process does not produce any flue gas, no complex and expensive flue gas treatment and scrubber are required, which will significantly reduces investment and operational costs compared to conventional technologies.

     Flowchart legend
  1. Feed
  2. High temperature pyrolysis
  3. Oxidation / Gasification
  4. Catalytic conversion to hydrocarbons, with surplus gas recycling
  5. Products such as diesel, kerosen or wax
  6. Power generation and energy for heating, cooling and/or sea water desalination
  7. Residues such as sulfur, phosphor and heavy metals
  8. Inert ash without contaminations or heavy metals